KOREA NO1 Braun Beauty Medical Group

Complete beautiful V-line face shape with world-class facial contouring technology.

Complete the most beautiful and natural face shape with Braun’s facial contouring surgery where does direct research, direct development, and direct operation. At Braun, we do our best for safe and beautiful plastic surgery.

Strengths of Braun Beauty Medical Group

1 "Direct Consultation-Direct Surgery" Braun does not have shadow doctor

2 New facial contouring surgery method certified by Korean Intellectual Property Office

3 Reputable International Conference Selected as presenter

4 Global Plastic Surgery Journal [PRS] [JCS] thesis presentation in facial contouring Surgery method

5 Surgical system completed with more than 10,000 domestic and overseas surgical experiences

6 Program specialized for foreign patients by each country

Braun Beauty Medical Group’s Facial Contouring Transformation


Braun’s Facial Contouring Surgery Types

V-Line Square Jaw Surgery (V-Shape Osteotomy)

It is a direct developed method designed to improve the disadvantages of T-osteotomy for perfect V-line surgery.

Receding Chin/Lantern Jaw-Inverted V-Shape Osteotomy for Lengthening

Any cases such as receding chin or lantern jaw can be improved by applying V-Shape Osteotomy that direct developed by Chief Doctor. Kim, Ta-Gyu

Buccal Fat Removal

It improves the effect of facial contouring surgery by removing drooping and bulging after Square jaw surgery and Malar reduction surgery.

3D Lifting-Rotation Malar Reduction

Outstanding results through rotating Malar reduction completes slim face line without sagging through muscle and skin lifting after the surgery.

Revision Facial Contouring

With over 10 years of experience and over 10,000 experiences, we can clearly resolve the dissatisfaction of the first operation.

Facial Contour and Nose

Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty to create the perfect balanced face with the best technology and multidisciplinary system