KOREA NO1 Braun Beauty Medical Group

Rhinoplasty that completes the perfect face ratio.

At Braun, more accurate rhinoplasty is possible with the introduction of first time in the country the professional 3D-CT scan. We will complete the most beautiful nose line based on more than 10 years of surgical know-how.

Strengths of Braun Beauty Medical Group

1 Rhinoplasty specialist "Direct Consultation-Direct Surgery" Braun does not have shadow doctor

2 Professional Rhinoplasty 3D CT for the first time in Korea for domestic and international patients

3 Reputable International Conference Selected as presenter

4 Global Plastic Surgery Journal [PRS] thesis presentation in facial contouring Surgery method

5 Surgical system completed with more than 10,000 domestic and overseas surgical experiences

6 Program specialized for foreign patients by each country

Braun Beauty Medical Group’s Rhinoplasty Transformation


Braun’s Rhinoplasty Types

3D-CT Rhinoplasty

3D-CT analyzes the size, shape, and curvature of different nasal bones and septal cartilage and completes the ideal side line.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Since the surgery is more difficult than the first operation, the revision surgery is performed with more accurate analysis and rich surgical know-how.

Male Rhinoplasty

The standard of beauty of the nose of women and men is different. Braun's unique know-how provides rhinoplasty that matches the characters of global patients.

Nose Tip Surgery

Nose tip determines the beautiful nose. Braun makes the most natural looking nose based on each races and bone characters.

Alar Reduction

Narrow down your alar size is possible through incision or non-incision method with minimized surgery for flat or bulbous nose.

Facial Contour and Nose

Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty to create the perfect balanced face with the best technology and multidisciplinary system