KOREA NO1 Braun Beauty Medical Group

Braun’s Time Returning Anti-Aging

"Elastic V-line face, smooth skin and natural volume" Braun's know-how and perfect aesthetic sense improve aging problems by age, face type and race.

Strengths of Braun Beauty Medical Group

1 "Direct Consultation-Direct Surgery" Braun does not have shadow doctor

2 New anti-aging surgery method certified by Korean Intellectual Property Office

3 Reputable International Conference selected as presenter

4 Professional anti-aging hospital most visited by international celebrities

5 Surgical system completed with more than 10,000 domestic and overseas surgical experiences

6 Specialized program for foreign patients by country

Braun Beauty Medical Group’s Anti-Aging Transformation


Braun’s Anti-Aging Surgery Types

Diamond lifting

Specially designed spiral protrusion type thread has longer holding period and better lifting effect than conventional lifting. Recovery is quick with a light procedure without incision.

Lovely face fat grafting

Fills off fat three-dimensionally around sunken face to create a slim and voluminous face.

Accu lifting

Finding hidden V line under chin by removing unnecessary face fat which causes aged looking face.

Minimally invasive facial lift surgery

It is a method of sustainable lifting effect that uses high elastic special thread which lasts longer than conventional inelastic thread lifting.

Double-up face lifting

It is a surgery that fundamentally improves deep wrinkles and sagging skin, and pull Smas layers and skin layers at the same time for a semi-permanent and positive effect.

Forehead lifting

If you want to improve the upper face of your face, including the area around your eyes, you can get good results with a simple lift that pulls your forehead.