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Braun’s beautiful and natural Breast surgery

By understanding the different preferences of different races or individuals through a systematic system, the beautiful breasts are completed through the implants suitable for each individual. Safe Breast surgery with minimal incision and quick recovery is Brown's technology.

Strengths of Braun Beauty Medical Group

1 Breast surgeon "Direct Consultation-Direct Surgery" Braun does not have shadow doctor

2 Chest size check by CT before consultation for domestic and foreign patients

3 Reputable International Conference Selected as presenter

4 Global Plastic Surgery Journal [JBC] [ESR] thesis presentation in Breast Plastic Surgery method

5 Introduced TPS system for perfect breast plastic surgery

6 Program specialized for foreign patients by each country

Braun Beauty Medical Group’s Breast Surgery Transformation


Braun’s Breast Surgery Types

Breast Plastic Surgery- Round Implant

Perfect for those who value the volume and tightness inside the breast and the overall balance of the breast

Breast Plastic Surgery- Teardrop Implant

Ideal for those who care about the natural volume of the line falling from the top to the bottom and the volume below.

Sagging Breast Correction

Surgery to improve sagging tissue and sagging skin elasticity due to pregnancy and childbirth. We return to the breast of 20s

Nipple correction

Braun offers safe surgery with old know-how even in corrective operations such as recessed nipples and nipple reduction.

Breast reduction

If you have oversized breasts and that causes some problems with your daily life or health issues besides cosmetic purpose, you can reduce the size of breasts and completes balanced body line.

Revision Breast surgery

It is suitable for those who are dissatisfied with contracted structure, dissatisfaction with shape, movement and breakage of implant, and changes of breast shape.