KOREA NO1 Braun Beauty Medical Group

Braun’s the most perfect and beautiful body line

Analyze the personal body types such as body fat, skin elasticity and lines to complete a beautiful and balanced body.

Strengths of Braun Beauty Medical Group

1 "Direct Consultation-Direct Surgery" Braun does not have shadow doctor

2 Advanced technology equipped for body line surgery

3 Reputable International Conference selected as presenter

4 Professional body line shaping hospital most visited by international celebrities

5 Surgical system completed with more than 10,000 domestic and overseas surgical experiences

6 Specialized program for foreign patients by country

Braun’s Body Line surgery Types

Triple liposuction

Advanced technology liposuction that considers individual body shape and lines not just fat removal.

Mini Liposuction

With a minimal incision, you can quickly inhale only the fat you want and recover quickly.

Accusculpt laser

Removes unnecessary facial fat and makes drooping skin elastic to complete V line without facial contouring surgery

Hip-up surgery

Considering body shape and leg length, we remove fat but improve elasticity for beautiful hip line