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Name : Yeol-mae Ju
Age : 24 years old
Surgery areas : Nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

A pretty look is a competitive edge that can not be ignored.

A pretty look is a competitive edge that can not be ignored.
I submitted my resume a number of times and had interviews a lot, but I dropped out every time.
I did not think that I would stay unemployed, but I stayed home for more than a year after graduation.
It looked like my pretty friends seemed to be better at finding jobs than me.
The job field I was applying for considers appearance to be rather important.
I was jealous that my friend, whose resume was no better than mine,

became employed and that gave me a sense of failure.
I thought ‘is it because my face is small and I look pretty in my ID photo, but not in real life?’
so decided to fix the shortcomings of my face and write my resume again.
That was the last choice.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Yeol-mae Ju ]

She had flat cheek bones and a square jaw line that were somewhat lacking for a pretty face,

and her nose was also downturned and hooked.

Also, her nose was wide on both sides and needed to be shaved down through osteotomy.

Wide cheek bones compared to the size of the head and square jaw line
+ aquiline nose and wide nose bone

[ Surgery ]

Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

Facial contour : V-line square jaw surgery,
3D lifting-rotation malar reduction, removal of buccal fat

Photo before & after surgery

No more worries about employment! Now I am a proud member of society!

After the surgery from Braun, I like to hear that I became pretty,

but the best thing is that I can work where I wanted!
I prepared to get a job while I took care of the swelling. Finally, I passed and now I am working hard!
I am so grateful to the plastic surgeons in Braun who made my dream come true!

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

My heart was pounding on the day of surgery.

I arrived at the clinic early in the morning and changed into a patient uniform.
As I was waiting, I felt it was finally real.
I looked forward to being pretty and reassured myself with a positive mind that everything

would turn out great since a very well-known doctor would perform the surgery!
After the close consultation with Dr. Tae-gyu Kim, who was going do the facial contouring,
and the doctor who was going to do my nose,

 I went into the operating room expecting excitement!

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Getting a slimmer face line every day!

As soon as I came home, I remember having drunk pumpkin juice and corn tea from the clinic.
I do not know why I was so thirsty.
I held back wanting to eat my favorite spicy food and chicken

and I gargled several times to prevent complications.
I was told if I lie down and stay still, the swelling wouldn’t go away so I wore a hat and walked outside
every day listening to music at night!
I wanted to get rid of the swelling so I could get a job as soon as possible.

[ Week 1~2 ]

Focusing on taking care of the swelling!

I was told taking care of the swelling for 2 weeks is important.
I visited the clinic for swelling management and I took a walk as well.
I heard that my nose was wide and shaved down through breaking it,

so the swelling would last longer than others.
When I looked at it after getting rid of the splint and the bandage, it looked like the surgery went great.
When I had a splint and a bandage, I looked like a patient,

so when I took a walk I was checking if there were others around.
But now I just look like I have chubby cheeks so I can walk outside.

[ After 2 months ]

Fun episodes in being pretty!

My face is really pretty even if I look at it! It looks like your eyes, nose,

and mouth are looking bigger as my face got smaller.
I did not have eye surgery, but my eyes look bigger as my face became smaller.
The best response is from my friends.

They say I am pretty, my face is small, they are jealous of my small face, etc.
And I changed my Kakao talk profile picture to my selfi and the people who did not contact
me before sent a messages asking how I am doing.
They also contact me about what they are doing these days
After my face swelling was gone, I want to the photo studio to get my resume picture taken.
The photographer said my face is small so that my picture doesn’t need

Photoshop and my picture could be on his homepage.
I told him I got a plastic surgery and he said it’s so natural he wouldn’t have known.
He was complimenting it and asked about the clinic!

[ After 6months ]

Become more confident with my pretty face!

I feel like I had a surgery only a day ago,

but now I am working hard and have a normal employment life.
I did not know it would be so easy to get a job. I still cannot believe it.
I am also very popular in the place where I am working at.

I do not know what to say when I hear I look like a celebrity.
I am happy for this kind of response but sometimes I get shy!
But I have higher self-esteem and confidence after surgery!
This is all thanks to Braun! I think I am living a happy life thanks to my doctors.
I just wanted to get a job and now I get to hear that I am pretty wherever I go.
Thank you very much, doctors in Braun!!!

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