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Name : Jung-eun Han
Age : 23 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour, fat grafting

Deciding  on surgery

I am 23 year old college girl.
But regardless of my fresh age,

my appearance looked depressed. My friends often told me I looked gloomy.
Whenever I looked at the mirror, I thought I was ugly because of my uneven facial line and sunken cheeks.

I had surgery for my eyes, but nothing changed, and I was so disappointed.
My introverted personality was getting worse and it was hard to be in a crowd.
One day I thought about surgery and this time I wanted to change the whole thing, not just my eyes.
I thought that would change my personality.
So I decided to have surgery to change myself. 

Surgery information

[ Issues with Jung-eun Han ]

Due to the incorrect eye surgery,

i t made her eye muscles weak, so it covered her pupils, making her look gloomy.
Her nose bridge and tip, as well as an asymmetric jaw line and wide face, didn’t give her a soft image.
Her sunken cheeks made her look older than her age.

Asymmetric double eyelids
+ visible implants for rhinoplasty for curved and upturned nose
+ developed cheek bone and jaw + long and wide chin line
+ asymmetric jaw line + curvy and sunken face

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Natural adhesion eye reshaping, eye angle reshaping

 Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

 Facial contour : V-Line square jaw surgery (Inverted V-shaped osteotomy),
3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

 Fat grafting  : Lovely face

Photo before & after surgery

After the surgery, I feel like I am the prettiest.

Braun made me get out of my dark and gloomy image.
Thanks to the suitable surgeries, my face has changed completely.
I think the accurate judgment and surgery plan, as well as great postoperative treatment,

created the best result without side effects.

There are some people who have a negative impression about plastic surgery,
but there are many people who live a positive life after the surgery. I am one of them.
If you are considering plastic surgery, I recommend getting consultation.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

On the day of surgery, my heart was pounding!

Maybe because I am a quiet person, I was so nervous on the day of surgery.
I couldn’t eat so I was hungry and my mouth was so dry.
My doctor was being humorous to make me relax.

After anesthesia, I fell into a deep sleep.
When I woke up, I was in the recovery room.
The surgery was over in the blink of an eye.
I could go home on the same day but my place was far, so I stayed in the hospital one day.
The nurses were so great. They took care of me well as if they were my mother.
Their care was great that I didn’t need a caregiver.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Hoping for the swelling to be gone fast.

I knew the swelling would be worse in 3 days,

so I was nervous. My face was really puffy.
I was looking at the mirror and worried if something went wrong.
I bugged the manager a lot but every time, she told me nicely that it’s normal

and I didn’t need to worry about it.

I was hoping for the swelling to be gone fast.
I had no problem eating.
I wanted to eat something spicy because I had been eating watery stuff like

pumpkin soup, water, soy milk, and milk.
So I ate uncooked ramen after crushing it into small pieces.
It was soft so I could eat well. You can try it after the surgery!

[ Week 1~2 ]

Whenever I looked at the mirror, it didn’t look like me.

Every day I looked different and it was amazing!
After the swelling went away, my face changed day by day.
At this time, the pain was all gone.
As the swelling got better, I felt relaxed and every night I went out to take a walk.

Finally the day to get the stitches removed!
After the stitches were removed, I felt great!
I was told the swelling would disappear after stitch removal, and it was true.
Of course I tried hard. I used heat and cold packs and took a walk at night.
I also tried not to eat a lot of salty food!
I didn’t do anything that would cause swelling! It was effective.

[ After 2 months ]

My friends asked me who I was.

When school started and I said hi to my friends and they asked me who I was,
I told them my name and they were surprised. They didn’t know it was me.
They said I am pretty and my image has changed a lot.
They said I look bright and cheery. They said the surgery was a good decision.
My best friends are so happy to see me cheerful.

[ After 6months ]

I became a campus PR model!

The most unbelievable thing happened to me. I became a campus PR model!
I had pretty makeup on and a photo shoot in the studio and I thought it was a dream.
I was so happy to see myself in the school PR booklet.
I was smiling brightly and it felt like it was not me.

I want to see my doctor with this booklet.
He looked so happy for me.
I thank nurses who took great care of me in the clinic. Braun is awesome!

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