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Name : Seo-yun Lee
Age : 25 years old
Surgery areas : Nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

Say goodbye to the parrot with a big and wide beak~

Those who are thinking about facial contour surgery will agree.
A 90 degree angled square jaw and a short receding chin.

I tried to think that it is better than a low and wide nose,
but I was really stressed because of my hooked nose that was too short and upturned.
When I was young, I was told that it was cute, but it became a hooked nose and

my receding chin got worse as I got older.
Sometimes I heard I looked absentminded or pouty.

My nickname was big beak parrot.

Every time I mentioned this, my parents and my friends said it’s ok

but I wanted to live with a confident and pretty face.
So I decided to get nose and facial contouring surgery.
I went around looking for a hospital and I was convinced that I could trust Braun to change my face.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Seo-yun Lee ]

Her head is not big and her hairline is good with a beautiful forehead.
She also has pretty big eyes with double eyelids and dark eyebrows.
Her lips are beautiful as well with good size and volume, did not protrude,

and had a good ratio of upper and lower lips.
However, the front of the cheekbone was wide, extended to the side,

and the side part of the cheekbones protruded a lot.
The tip of the chin was receded too much with the square jaw line and

her nose was hooked, short, and upturned.
Overall, her face was wide and angular,

and had a bad profile especially due to the severe hooked nose and receding chin.

Severe aquiline nose with upturned tip + wide and flat cheek bone
with square jaw line + receding chin

[ Surgery ]

Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty (Non-implant rhinoplasty)

Facial contour : V-line square jaw surgery,
advancement genioplasty, 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction 

Photo before & after surgery

Transformed into a lovely girl from a chubby girl next door!

My boyfriend would be surprised knowing that my high school nickname was a big beak parrot.
I hated taking photos because of my big nose and face with my small,

ugly shaped chin, but now I love taking pictures!
I can also do up hair styles that looks good on small faces!

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

In my head, I told myself ‘I will get pretty’ so many times.

Like everybody else, I couldn’t sleep before the surgery.

I was more excited than feeling uneasy!
I imagined my pretty face when I was going to the clinic with my mom.
During the last consultation with my doctor before the surgery, I relaxed and went into the operation room.

I felt like I had a quick nap and I was in the recovery room.

I thought that it’s all over and everything is ok,
but it was hard to breathe and I felt nauseated.
It wasn’t painful, but because of the cotton ball in my nose, I couldn’t breathe well and I was thirsty.
However, Dr. Tae-gyu Kim came to me and explained that the surgery

went great so that made me feel much better.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Pretty face is peeking out

I was worried about swelling since I did nose and contouring surgery together, but it wasn’t bad at all.
For about 3 days I was swollen, but after that it got better quickly every day, which made me excited!
I think it’s because of the pumpkin juice and some medication the clinic gave me for swelling.

As my doctor said, I took a walk and had follow up care from Braun such as high

frequency treatment and swelling treatment.
On the fifth day, my nose bandage and some stitches were removed.
After cleansing and laser, I felt like my face was getting lighter.

[ Week 1~2 ]

My face is becoming like a doll

Because of follow up care from Braun, my swelling went away quickly!
I think the medication for swelling I took every morning was definitely part of it.
Because of my angular face, receding chin, and hooked nose,

I sometimes looked absentminded or had too strong an image,
now I have a soft image. I feel like I am feminine now!

The tip of my chin felt heavy and didn’t have any sensation, but my doctor said it’s a normal
recovery process not to have sensation for a month or two, so I felt relived.
And my doctor said my swelling was going away quickly which made me happy.
I am so excited to live with my V facial line.

[ After 2 months ]

Every day I get happier.

I told my doctor that I want a pretty but natural face. And he did exactly what I wanted.
I eat well and I am doing fine without any discomfort!
Whenever I take a selfie, I get surprised.
My chin line is great and my nose got prettier.

I am so happy that I don’t need photoshop for my pictures.

The people whom I have not met in a long time

 and all my acquaintances see my face and they get impressed.
Especially, I heard that if I got surgery for my eyes.

They say my eyes look bigger and clear making my face more 3 dimensional!
When they ask me how I got pretty so naturally, I boast about Braun.

[ After 6months ]

The world is going around with me at the center.

It's been 6 months already!
I take pictures every month and compare them.

 As time goes on, my face gets smaller and pictures come out better!
My favorite thing is that I got naturally pretty!
I went to my friend's wedding just recently. My friends said I got pretty,
scolding me that I can’t be more beautiful than the bride.

In fact, I worried a lot before surgery,

but I am glad that my operation went great safely without any side effects.
I got pretty thanks to a clinic that is well known for its contouring and nose surgery.

I wondered why patients do THANKS TO the doctors but now I know why!
The collaboration of Dr. Tae-gyu Kim and Dr. Jung-hoon was the best!
I recommend Braun, specialized in contouring and nose surgery!!
I thank you for making my face look so beautiful, making me reborn!!

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