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Name : Su-ah Kim
Age : 26 years old
Surgery areas : Nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

I wanted to stop editing the photos.

When I was a little girl, I sometimes heard that I was pretty but I didn’t like my square shaped face and long and
deviated nose that I got from a failed surgery.
When you took a profile shot or a group photo, I had to edit my face to be slimmer.
Of course I did not want to take a selfie and I started hating myself for being not pretty.

And the decisive moment is that since I got married early and gave birth to a child a year ago,
I certainly felt my skin sagging more than before, my cheeks were sunken,
my cheek bones stood out more and my nose was long and bent.
I persuaded my husband and decided to do my nose, facial contouring, and lifting.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Su-ah Kim ]

She has bright, clear, beautiful eyes. But her whole face was long and wide,

and her central face was somewhat sunken.
Her head looked slightly bigger, and the cheek bones and the square jaw gave a strong
and rough image rather than feminine and soft feeling.
Especially, the tip of her chin was long and had the square line jaw which made

the low part of her face stand out.
Besides, her previous rhinoplasty made her nose long and deviated.
Overall, her face was a wide, long rectangular refrigerator-like appearance,
and the long and deviated nose made her appearance far from feminine.

Long and deviated nose +
wide and flat cheek bone and square jaw + long chin

[ Surgery ]

Nose : Revision rhinoplasty (3D CT rhinoplasty)

Facial contour : V-line square jaw surgery,
3D lifting-rotation malar reduction, removal of buccal fat

Photo before & after surgery

The mother of a baby? Nobody knows that if I don’t say it.

You have a baby? How come you are so pretty and slim?

This is what I often hear when I go out.
Before the surgery, I heard that I was slim but now I hear that I am pretty every day.
I used to edit the selfie pictures all the time.
And I didn’t want to show my no-makeup face in the morning to my husband.
Now, my husband says I look pretty even before washing my face in the morning.
I can see hearts in his eyes, which makes me happy.
I am really grateful to the surgeons in Braun, who made me feel good at the start of the day.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

The chant for my nervousness

I chanted in my mind ‘It’s ok. I will be ok’ and arrived in the clinic.
I could barely calm my nervousness and got on the operating table,

but my eyes filled with tears without intention.
Dr. Tae-gyu Kim told me not to worry and that I would be pretty, and finally, I was relaxed.

When the nurse woke me up, I opened my eyes and I was in the recovery room.
As the anesthesia started to wear off, I got nauseated and thirsty.

I felt dizzy and this was more difficult than the pain.
My husband had to take care of our baby, so I was alone.

During the time, the nurses checked on me from time to time.
When I was thirsty, they helped me gargle and I was so thankful. 
Thanks to them, I could recover comfortably.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

I had to endure to be pretty!

After the surgery I wanted to get rid of the swelling quickly,

so I walked around the house as if it was a playground.
I drank pumpkin juice and medication for swelling from the clinic

and in the evening I took my daughter for a walk.
I had no difficulty taking a walk except for a little bit of breathing due to the cotton balls in my nostrils.

I endured thinking 'this is a piece of cake if the outcome is to be pretty!
On the 5th day, after removing the splint and cotton,

I felt great breathing without cotton balls.
Even if it was still swollen,

but the line between the swelling was so beautiful that made me excited for the future.

[ Week 1~2 ]

I could see myself getting beautiful every day.

I don’t know if it’s because I walked outside everyday,

that my body can handle the surgery well,
or if it’s from follow up care at Braun, but my swelling was quickly gone.

 I could see the difference everyday!
In the morning, I looked at the mirror and took pictures at various angles.
When I realized the swelling was better, I was so happy that I could forget all the pain.

My nose line got shaper everyday along with my V facial line !!
On the 11th day, I put on makeup, took a selfie and sent it to my sister.
I was so happy that she said I am pretty. I wanted to look at the mirror all day. 

[ After 2 months ]

Pretty face, pretty body, becoming a young lady!

Over a month after the surgery, things that were uncomfortable at the beginning improved a lot.
One month later, I went to Braun clinic to see the progress,
and I was so glad that the swelling was gone and the recovery was going well.
And Dr. Tae-gyu Kim said "Pass!" and I really felt like the hardest part

of it had ended. I was so happy when he said that!!

As I was told, I practiced pronunciation and I also practiced opening my mouth.
I started yoga to create a beautiful body after a month!
I couldn’t do an upside down posture, but I have exercised hard within what I could do.
People who I work out together with gave me a lot of praise, saying that I am beautiful. I was so shy.
My husband said I became positive because I was a little depressed after giving birth.
Now I am positive and bright as I look beautiful! I can do more for my child as well.
Every time I get better, I thank the doctors.

[ After 6months ]

Getting pretty every day! There is no end.

After the surgery, there were many small changes as I got prettier.
Even if I walk on the street in the neighborhood,

people passing by stare at me once in a while and I get shy.
I've restarted SNS after surgery! I get lots of comments that I am pretty on the uploaded pictures.

And there are more people who follow me!

Thanks to the good comments, it’s fun to take pictures.
I feel confident because of the praise, my self-esteem that I lost got higher.
It became my daily routine to hear 'so pretty'.
I am really happy for this praise that I wouldn’t have heard if it were not for my doctor!

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