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Name : Ah-young Kim
Age : 28 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour, fat grafting

Deciding  on surgery

I like to take pictures, so I have dreamed of being a model like Jang Yun Ju.
I am tall but when I looked at the mirror, I sighed because of my big cheek bones and dull face.

One day, my friend, who became pretty, introduced me so Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic, so I visited!
I wanted to have a softer and feminine face like my friend, so I decided to have surgery in Braun.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Ah-young Kim ]

She looked older than her age and her protruding cheek bones

and angled jaw line made her image rather strong.
Her previous nose surgery made the tip of her nose too high and

sharp which made her image masculine.

Dull eyes + high nasal bridge and tip of nose + sunken cheeks
+ protruding cheek bone + unbalanced jaw line + wide facial shape

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Natural adhesion eye reshaping surgery

Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty (Revision rhinoplasty)
Facial contour : Advancement genioplasty,
anterior square jaw surgery, 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

Photo before & after surgery

Her secret to look 10 years younger!

'You are Ah-young?'

There are a lot of people who do not recognize me after a long time.
That makes me sad but it is proof that I got pretty.
I heard I look 10 years younger, which made me super happy!

It's really important to pinpoint the problems of the face and plan a systematic surgery
with a plastic surgeon instead of just making the nose high and eyelids big.
Because my face is precious!

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Found the problem of my face !

Before I met my doctor, I was nervous and went to the bathroom.
I thought I want to improve my big cheek bones, sharp tip of nose, and square jaw line.

Dr. Tae-gyu Kim and Dr. Gui-rak Kim gave me a clear answer for my face.
So I decided to do eyes, nose, facial contouring and fat grafting.
Dr. Tae-gyu Kim and Dr. Gui-rak Kim consulted me and found all the problems of my face.
That made me relieved.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Safe and systematic operation with a safe anesthetic system

I fasted on the day of surgery and changed into a patient's uniform.
I laid on the operating table telling myself 'everything will be fine!'
Because facial contouring requires general anesthesia,

there was an anesthesiologist which made me calm down.

Dr. Tae-gyu Kim and Dr. Gui-rak Kim cooperated and the surgery went well.
I was able to be discharged safely after one day.
My doctor told me that the surgery was successful, so I was able to go home feeling comfortable.
After the surgery, my face was very strange because of swelling. I prayed for the swelling to be gone soon!

[ Week 1~2 ]

The secret to looking young is Braun !

The 10th day after the operation, I came in to check the result.
My facial line has changed to become softer.
My ears, eyes, mouth, and nose stand out, so I am satisfied.

My doctor said my face is balanced and my nose line is straight and natural.
After 2 weeks, my face looked slimmer since the swelling on my chin was gone!

I am confident with my profile as well.

[ After 2 months ]

I look way younger than my age!

Every month, the swelling is gradually reduced, so I look natural even when I smile.
The transplanted fat on my forehead and cheek is placed well.
Before my forehead was always covered with my hair but now I pull my hair up.

My protruding cheek bones that made me look like a man improved a lot, so I look younger.
People around me said I look 10 years younger so I finally look like my age.
Also, I am confident when I take pictures!

[ After 6months ]

My beautiful second prime time.

It's been half a year since I've had my surgery.
When I look at pictures before surgery, I don’t even remember what that was.

I'm actively doing modeling work these days.
Thanks to it, I get to try new clothes and I am confident even with unique hair or makeup on.
I used to think ‘Why am I so ugly?’ and blamed myself
I was negative, but after surgery, I love myself thinking ‘I am the most beautiful in the world.’

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