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Name : Ah-young Kim
Age : 28 years old
Surgery areas : Breasts

Deciding  on surgery

Create volume for my flat breasts!

I have one more thing to worry about while I get more model work after the surgery from Braun.
That was my flat breasts!!!

When I take a picture, my face is great but now I look at my small breasts.
My breasts were so small, so that limited my clothing choice, which made me sad as a model.
So I decided to do another surgery for my breasts in Braun, which I trust.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Ah-young Kim]

She was skinny so her chest was small.

Her breasts were small so even the smallest underwear wouldn’t fit.
That limited her style of dress and made her look tomboyish.

Small chest and volumeless breasts

[ Surgery ]

  Breasts : Natural spacious breast augmentation
(Cohesive gel implant)

Photo before & after surgery

After surgery volume up ! My confidence up ! up !

I have come to see a lot of changes in my life after facial surgery in Braun.
After my complex on my face had disappeared,

I was concerned about my breasts.
Since puberty, my flat breasts was my complex,

but now I became a beautiful woman with my breasts thanks to Dr. Gui-rak Kim.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Back to Braun after a year!

The hospital was always scary for me.
But Braun made me feel comfortable since it’s where I was reborn.
I had a detailed consultation with Dr. Gui-rak Kim.
He listened to me carefully about the worries that I couldn’t reveal easily.

He informed me about the detailed surgery method,

the features of breast implants and precautions.

I felt more comfortable and confident that the surgery would go great.
When I was lying down on the operation table, so many thoughts went by.
I tried to forget the bad memories and be positive for a new challenge while

I was waiting for the operation.

The nurses covered me with blanket worrying I might be embarrassed and cold.
I used cohesive gel implant through axillary incision.
The 250CC implant was used to make natural B cup size breasts from my

small not even A cup size breasts.
Due to the features of the implant I used, I didn’t need a warm massage for my breast.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

I got rid of all my bad memories and have beautiful breasts.

For two days after the surgery, I couldn’t get up by myself so I stayed lying down.
It felt different from my facial surgery.
I had to wear reshaping innerwear.
So it helps the implant place well. I wore it even thought it wasn’t comfortable.

My one side of breast got bruised but it went away gradually.
On the 7th day, the swelling was almost gone so I touched it.
It was squishy like touching mom’s breast as a young kid.

[ Week 1~2 ]

Now I have volume!

The swelling was quickly getting better and the implants were placed well,

so I could see the volume.
Now I am so stylish whatever I wear and I am confident with low neckline clothes!
I have cleavage and I can show off my feminine beauty.
I walk outside wearing sleeveless shirt.
Aren’t I sexy?

[ After 2 months ]

A woman's transformation is innocent!

After a month, my body felt lighter and I could wear any kind of underwear and clothes.
All my underwear got smaller so I bought all new ones!!
B cup bra.

I am confident wearing tight t-shirts without padded bras.
They feel good as well. My friends get curious and ask me to touch them.

They said they are squishy and amazing.

[ After 6months ]

Boast of my voluptuous body wearing bikinis !

During summer, I went to the swimming pool almost every day.
I bought several bikinis that I couldn’t wear before. Before surgery,

I had to use 2 pads when I wore bikinis.

I could swim wearing bikinis without pads.
I spent summer enjoying other people’s gaze.
Especially, I love my cleavage.
I think beautiful breasts makes women really pretty.
Now my face and breasts are perfect.
Thank you for letting me live a new life as a beautiful woman.

A woman's transformation is innocent!

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