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Name : Ye-ji Lee
Age : 21 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

Because of my hasty decision, I got the bitter experience of failure my first surgery.
My sleepy looking eyes and witch-like nose,
asymmetrical and uneven side cheek bones and sunken frontal cheek bones
And deep nasolabial fold made me look older.

I did not want to take pictures with my friends because of my failed surgery
and I was losing my confidence whenever I looked at the mirror.
After 2 years, I realized that I couldn’t live like that so I decided on surgery.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Ye-ji Lee ]

Her left side was much more developed and her facial contour was asymmetrical.
Her frontal cheek bones were protruded and she had deep nasolabial fold.
The silicone on her tip of nose was visible due to the incorrect rhinoplasty,
and the eyelids were droopy and covered her eyes making her look dull.

symmetric eyes giving sleepy look + high and pointy nose tip
 + asymmetric side cheek bone, sunken frontal cheek bone,
wide long protruding chin

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Eye slant surgery, natural adhesion eye reshaping surgery

Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty (Revision rhinoplasty)

Facial contour : Butterfly shape implants, anterior square jaw surgery,
3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

Photo before & after surgery

It was not plastic surgery but surgery for my heart! My life got happy.

I spent a lot of time doing makeup before the surgery.
I wanted to make my sleepy looking eyes clear, so my eye makeup was dark and I put on a lot of
shading makeup to make my face slim.
But now I am confident with my face so I am always smiley, and my makeup got lighter.
My mom is the happiest with my face now. She said I finally look like a girl in her 20s.

Plastic surgery changed my life.
I was depressed before and I didn’t want to look at the mirror

but now I am always smiley and positive.
Everybody said I look happy after the surgery and I am really glad.
I believe happier days are waiting for me.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

On the day of surgery, I was so nervous but I was determined.

It was my second surgery so I was really nervous.

 I was thinking about so many things before going into the surgery room.
I was worried but I was excited as well.

When I woke up from the surgery I was looking for the mirror.
I didn’t look like a person. My face was puffy.
When I was lying back down holding a mirror,
I thought ‘I really did it’ and I knew I could handle this pain if I could be prettier.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

It was painful but I was excited.

The time went really slow until day 3.
I had to breathe with my mouth because of my nose surgery,

so my lips were cracked. I had a headache and it was painful.
From the 4th day, I felt better in the morning. I thought maybe I got used to it.

On the 5th day, I woke up in the morning and went into the clinic.
I got the cotton balls and splint in my nose removed and I felt better.
It was really hard even though I got used to it.
I was happy, expecting to be pretty this time. 

[ Week 1~2 ]

Slowly getting better and my confidence was going up.

On the 7th day, I went to the clinic, got the stitches removed,

and received postoperative treatment.
The nurses said I look pretty which made me really happy.
My self-esteem was going up compared to before surgery.

Looking at the mirror made me happy.
My family said I still have swelling but that I already looked pretty.
My mom said I became positive.
I was told 80% of the swelling would be gone in a week and 90% in 2 weeks.
All day I was thinking about my face without swelling

and I was so excited my facial contouring would be revealed. 

[ After 2 months ]

Bye bye depressed self. All my friends were surprised by my change.

I became an optimistic girl because of my pretty appearance.
The hat and sunglasses that I didn’t use before changed my style.
My style was a bit dark and I didn’t have a good facial expression,

but I became stylish and smiley.
So my friends said I am becoming prettier alone and they are jealous.
My cheeks are still swollen a bit but I look good with a hat and I put my hair up often.

Before I thought my face was slim but the hat and sunglasses never looked good on me.
So it took me really long to pick them, but now everything looks good on me.
I really think surgery was a good decision. I feel that I became optimistic and bright.
I was so negative but now I think positive.
I feel like the surgery healed my mind as well.
I really thank my doctors for that.

[ After 6months ]

I don’t even remember what I looked like before. I want to be prettier.

It’s been 6 months but I barely remember my face before.
It’s because I look at the mirror everyday so I got used to this new face.
Sometimes I look at the old pictures and I know the surgery was a good choice.
The swelling is slowly going away.

I move my mouth and I take a walk before breakfast.
It helps with my swelling and I am losing weight too.
People say I got prettier and my personality changed for the better.
I get really happy to hear that and I thank them politely.
Everyone gets jealous and this is all thanks to my doctor! Thank you.

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