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Name : Dong-hoon Lee
Age : 22 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

Finding a place to fill the 2% that lacks

Some people said I am handsome and cute so I don’t need surgery, but my dark circles,
low and curvy nose, and too masculine facial line gave me stress.
So I started visiting plastic surgery clinics.
I wanted to get facial contouring other than my nose, so I was considerate choosing the hospital

Finally, I got to know Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic!!!
People I knew recommended it a lot. I heard from my friends that their acquaintance
had nose and facial contouring from Braun.
I was told the doctors there have a lot of experience and do research,

and are famous for creating beautiful nose lines.
So that made me trust Braun and I decided to get my surgery there.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Dong-hoon Lee ]

He had deep dark circles that made him look sick and a low and aquiline nose with a round nose tip.
Also, his protruding cheek bones, square and long jaw made him look depressed.

Severe dark circles +  low and deviated nose, round nose tip
+ developed frontal jaw, large, wide face

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Quick dark circle surgery

 Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

Facial contour : 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction,
V-line square jaw surgery (mandibular setback), removal of buccal fat

Photo before & after surgery

99% handsome, filling in the 1% and reborn like an idol star!

After surgery, I hear that I am handsome every day.
My friend told me I am perfect now, not slightly less than handsome anymore.
If the surgery is not natural, it creates an awkward face,

but I’ve never heard that my surgery is unnatural.

It doesn’t look artificial and looks so natural!!
I think it’s because my facial strengths stand out and the weakness were supplemented.
The doctor’s skills are the most important thing for fixing shortcoming in the face !!


Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Am I nervous???

Before the surgery, I talked to my doctor and took pictures.
Then I changed to my patient’s uniform and went in the operating room.
When I was lying in the operating room, I was nervous, so the doctors told me
I didn’t need to be and talked to me so I could relax.
I heard the anesthesiologist say he was going to start and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was in the recovery room,

I was thirsty, so I was looking for water.
But nurses said I couldn’t drink water since that could make me throw up

so they didn’t give me water.
They said I can drink water after 30 minutes but that 30 minutes felt like 3 hours.
However, if there was no nurse talking care of me, it would have been worse.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Men feel the pain as well after the surgery.

My face was wrapped around with a bandage and a lifting band and my nose had a splint,
cotton balls and gauze on the first day after surgery.
On the first day, it wasn’t swollen badly but on the 3rd day …
It was terribly swollen. I don’t want to see that face again.
Fortunately, painkillers and injections helped my first day so I could fall asleep without pain.

Braun’s postoperative care is great. They take care of the patients with the greatest care.
On the 5th day, the cotton balls in my nose were removed.

I was so happy to breathe through my nose.
After that, moving my mouth was easier and eating was much more comfortable.

[ Week 1~2 ]

Time heals swelling!

Until 2 weeks after the surgery,

I could see the swelling getting better and I was so happy.
I tried hard to get rid of the swelling fast,

but the treatment from the clinic played a big role.
The people who gave me treatment said my swelling was getting better faster than others.
They said my face was changing every time.
Whenever I get praised, I think my surgery was a good choice.

It was all about swelling until 2 weeks.
I tried real hard to make my swelling better.
My doctor and nurses were surprised how fast my swelling was gone at the follow up check.
When I was at home, I used a lifting band even though it was uncomfortable
and I took a walk often to move around constantly.

[ After 2 months ]

Finally I can see my slim facial line!

After a month, I could see my face had totally changed.
My biggest stress was my nose when I took a picture before the surgery.
My nose was hooked and the tip of my nose was downturned and curved.

So when I took a picture at every angle,
my face looked unbalanced. But after the surgery, my face is balanced at every angle!

And my protruded cheek bones are gone and I have a slim and smooth facial line,

which changed my image.
Nowadays, I am a cute and soft man rather than tough guy.

When I have a blank face, I hear that I look charismatic.
I was told all remaining swelling will be gone in 6 months
and I am excited to see how my face will be changed after all the swelling is gone.

[ After 6months ]

Enjoying my new life with my idol star like appearance

My face is really natural.
I didn’t have feeling in my jaw right after the surgery but that is normal a
nd I have no problem moving my mouth and doing everyday life activities.
A couple of days ago,

I went to the clinic and had a check up with a 3D CT.
I was worried about side effects since I went through a lot of surgery all together,
but my doctor said the 3D CT showed all the surgery went great without problems!!

It was the moment that made me think that the surgery from Braun was a great choice.
Before the surgery, I did shopping mall and other model work.
But after the surgery, my pictures don’t need to be edited because they look great,

which makes me proud!
I enjoy shooting even more because I am confident with my face now.
Thank you to all the doctors in Braun that have helped me have a more fun and exciting life!!!.

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