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Name : Sol-ah Kim
Age : 28 years old
Surgery areas : Breasts, fat grafting

Deciding  on surgery

Do I have a padded bra inside me?

When I was in high school, that was my big stress.
My friends teased me saying my back and chest are the same.
I was attending a women’s high school, so I didn’t care at that time.

But when I started college, it stressed me out.
To relieve my stress, I bought various type of padded bras and I was called a padded bra specialist.
But my stress was the same.
It made me less confident and I hated summer.
I didn’t want to live with that stress and I didn’t want to live with my flat breasts,
So I decided to get surgery to find my lost self-esteem!

Surgery information

[ Issues with Sol-ah Kim ]

Compared to her body size, her breasts were small, asymmetric and saggy.
She didn’t have volume, so even with a small sized underwear, it was still big.
She also had a flat face without a three dimensional feeling.

Small, saggy and asymmetric breast + flat and dull face

[ Surgery ]

Breasts : Breast augmentation-teardrop breast implants

 Fat grafting : Lovely face

Photo before & after surgery

Bye small, saggy breasts and dull face!

I am almost 30.
I wanted to have an S-line body and volume before it’s too late!!!
I don’t have a flat face and small saggy breasts anymore.

I have voluminous, teardrop shaped breasts.
And I am a confident woman now!

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

My heart was pounding on the day of surgery.

I was pretty tough among my friends, but I was so nervous on the surgery day.
My friends and family cheered me up so I left for the clinic.
When I was in the waiting room, I felt like my heart was going to blow up.
I had the last consultation before the surgery and went to the surgery room.
The nurse saw I was anxious, so she comforted me.

In the surgery room, I heard that I was getting anesthesia

and I don’t remember anything after.
When I woke up, I was in the recovery room.
At first, I was so loopy.
But after the anesthesia wore off, it was so painful.
I thought my face would hurt, but my thighs where the fat was extracted hurt.
My breasts and thighs were more painful than I thought.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Waiting for time to go faster.

It was really hard until the 5th day after the surgery. I did not feel comfortable moving.
It was hard to get up alone and it was hard to eat.
I expected some pain, but it was a bit more painful than I expected.
I felt stuffy because of the compression bandage

on my chest and even if I ate food, I couldn’t digest well.
My face was swollen and I felt uncomfortable because of my swollen breasts and face.
I really just waited for this time to pass.

[ Week 1~2 ]

Taking care of my face and breasts!

As people said, the pain went away slowly.
I had postoperative treatment from the clinic and went out to walk.
I took a walk because I heard walking outside is good for swelling.

Because my breasts are bigger,
I felt heavy on my chest.
The high frequency treatment was great, as I expected.
It helped with swelling a lot.

I went to the clinic, got the stitches removed, and received sterilization.
I was relieved to see that part of the operation was well healed.
Now I have to recover fast.
I still have swelling on my face and chest and I am trying hard to recover quickly!
For my voluminous breasts.

[ After 2 months ]

Slowly it feels like my breasts.

I used teardrop shaped implants so they look natural. They look like my original breasts!
The shape is great, so I am waiting for the texture to be softer.
I heard it comes naturally with time, so I am waiting until it gets natural.
I am being patient.

For two months after the surgery,

I took prescription medication to prevent the capsular contracture,
I still feel my chest and armpits are stiff, but this too will go away.

[ After 6months ]

I was reborn with a sexy body.

Now I only wear V-neck clothes.
Shopping is so much fun now after surgery.
Before surgery, I wanted to wear a V-neck T-shirt and knits but I couldn’t.
But now I only wear them.
My style has changed completely.
I am satisfied with the teardrop shape when I wear tight clothes!

And my face has volume now, so whatever makeup I use gives me a voluminous image.
In fact, when I was in pain right after the surgery, I regretted that I got the surgery,
but now I have voluminous and natural breasts because of that pain.
Happiness comes after the pain.
I really appreciate my doctors who did a great job.

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