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Name : Hee-kyung Shim
Age : 28 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour, fat grafting

Deciding  on surgery

I wanted to get out of my blank image and homeliness!

I wanted to get out of my blank image and homeliness!
I covered half of my face with my hair.
I needed long hair bangs to cover my side cheek bones, square jaw, and sunken cheeks.
I had a low nose and small eyes. My face was just a mass.
Because of my job, I had to meet a lot of people

and I wanted get away from this blank and dull image for my confidence!

Surgery information

[ Issues with Hee-kyung Shim ]

She had nice skin but didn’t have elasticity. Her developed side cheek bone
and square jaw didn’t give her smooth facial contouring.
She didn’t have double eyelids and her eyelids were thick which made her look dull.

Thick eyelids, no double eyelid + low nose
+ developed cheek bone + wide face + sunken cheeks

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Natural adhesion eye reshaping surgery

 Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

 Facial contour : V-line square jaw surgery, 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

 Fat grafting  : Lovely face

Photo before & after surgery

Pretty and smart math teacher!

I booked surgery in Braun and had a weeks vacation.
My students got surprised to see that I changed so much during the break.
They said “You got pretty. Are you getting married?” and some boys said
“My sister needs surgery, so let me know where you got it from.
I became a pretty and smart math teacher

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Mom, I will be back pretty!

It wasn’t hard until I decided on surgery.
But I didn’t feel comfortable to get surgery alone, so I went to the clinic with my mom.
I was excited and hopeful. I was talking to my mom while I was waiting in the clinic.
I talked to my doctor about the surgery and

had my eyelid line drawn and then went in the surgery room.

The anesthesiologist said “I am going to start” and I fell asleep.
When I woke up, my face was wrapped and my nose had a splint.
I thought “I did it.”

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Taking care of swelling!

My eyes and face didn’t get swollen.
I took a photo with a lifting band on.
I had a lifting band on every day because it would help with swelling and keep the facial contouring.

On the 5th day, I went to the clinic and got the nose splint removed!
I also received skin care treatment and lymph treatment. I felt a lot better after!
After the nose splint was gone, I could breathe easily.
The swelling between my eyes was still there, but the nose line looked great, right?
My doctor said I don’t need to worry and just need to relax.
It's only been five days, but the swelling on my chin was going away and I liked my nose line.
I was really impressed. Who knew the nose line could be this pretty!!

[ Week 1~2 ]

I always had a lifting band!

I stayed at home so my skin looked great.
I received skin care treatment and high frequency treatment in the clinic

so I didn’t have to do anything.
They even washed my hair. It was so great, especially for those who have long hair.
After facial contouring surgery, a baby tooth brush is needed!
The nurses said I needed to brush my teeth right after eating.
I brushed every time because I didn’t want to get inflammation.

The swelling on cheek bone and jaw were getting better and the swelling
on my eyes was going away fast so my eyes looked better.
My eyes look so natural!
I was so impressed by my eye lines
The lifting band became a necessity for my life! I am going to use it for a long time!
I was told it’s good for cheek bone and jaw placement.

[ After 2 months ]

Going back to work after the surgery!

Returning day after the vacation.
I was nervous in the morning worrying if anybody would say something bad.
But I went to work confidently.
People know that I had surgery, so they complimented me that I became pretty!

I became a star at my academy!!
My confidence is UP!
The swelling of my nose and jaw was almost gone.
At first, smiling was hard, but I could make facial expressions.
I used a lifting band for a long time. I think that’s why the swelling was gone quickly.
And I didn’t get saggy cheeks!!

[ After 6months ]

I am becoming younger.

“Are you becoming younger?” A middle schooler I teach told me.
I wanted to answer “It’s because of the time and patience at Braun”.

I didn’t know the outcome would be this satisfying at the end.
I thought I would be pretty instantly right after the surgery but that was not true.
It didn’t happen overnight but my dream came true anyway!!

Now I put my hair up and use a hair band confidently!
My friends told me the surgery was a good choice and they were happy for me.
I became confident and my self-esteem got higher.
I am smiley all the time.
People tell me that I look happy.
Yes, I am super happy now!

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