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Name : Ha-neul Lim
Age : 20 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

I didn’t like my wide, angular and dull face.
My face looked flat without a V-line.
So I always had long hair to cover my square jaw.
I was not confident with my profile because of the tip of my nose.

My nose was hooked, so I had a tough image.
I didn’t want to cover my face with hair and took photos sideways.
So I decided to have surgery to have a voluminous face and soft image.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Ha-neul Lim ]

Because of her wide face and asymmetric chin, her facial bones stood out, making her face wider and dull.
Her facial line wasn’t smooth due to her protruding mouth.
Also, her nose gave her a strong image and her low glabella and downturned nose tip made her nose long.

Arrow shaped nose +  aquiline nose + deviated nose
+ low glabella + wide cheek bone + asymmetric jaw line
+ wide face + curvy and sunken face

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Non- incisional eye reshaping

 Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty (Revision rhinoplasty)

 Facial contour : V-line square jaw surgery, 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

Photo before & after surgery

After surgery, I have the confidence of my 20 years.

I can put my hair up confidently now.
In a photo, I have a V-line from every angle!!
I love Braun, who gave me confidence and self-esteem.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

I was nervous.

I arrived at the clinic at 9:30 am, changed clothes, cleansed,
took a brief photo and finally consulted with my doctor and went into the operating room.
I was surprised because everything went too fast, but as soon as I laid down on the operating table,
I felt a sense of tension.
The music streamed into the operating room,

which soothed my mind a little, and I fell asleep with anesthesia.

I heard my nurse's voice and I was in the recovery room.
My nostrils were blocked and my mouth and throat were filled with blood sputum.

It was hard to breathe.
I was glad that the pain was not worse than I thought.
I was very greatful that nurses came to check on me from time to time and took care of me thoroughly.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Waiting for swelling going away …

The next day, the swelling was slowly going away starting from my eyes,

but the swelling inside of my mouth was the worst.
On the 3rd day, it got better. Maybe it’s because of the pumpkin soup or ice pack.
So I went out wearing a mask and went in to get a shot and to see my doctor.
On the 5th day, I got the splint and stitches removed and received skin care. I felt great after.

But I still had swelling in my mouth and jaw.
I did gargle often, put ointmenton, and ate only soup until the 5th day.

[ Week 1~2 ]

Fun to check on my face changing.

I felt uncomfortable doing my everyday life routine, but I could see a line.
On the day of stitch removal, it didn’t hurt.
I went out putting make up on!!
My friend told me my face got smaller already.
I had swelling left though. I was hoping for swelling to be gone and to be pretty!!

[ After 2 months ]

My smaller face and natural line.

I could move my jaw up and down so I could eat a hamburger.
My face was getting smaller everyday and the line became natural.
The front was ok but the profile was not ready yet.
I was told all the swelling is gone after 3 months, so I needed to wait.
I was waiting for the day and did massage and jaw exercises.

My nose became natural and the movement of facial muscles and nose was natural.
I was especially happy  about my slightly upturned nose tip.
And my nose surgery made my protruding mouth look better.

[ After 6months ]

My beauty starts.

Time flew so fast.
I felt like it’s not long ago that I was nervous on the operation table, but 6 months has passed.
Now I can eat whatever I want and it’s so natural,

which makes me feel like I didn’t have surgery.

I look at the mirror and I am so satisfied, especially with my profile.
I only had straight hair to cover my face before, but now I can do any hair style.
My face got smaller and my image got softer. My confidence is going up every day!!
I really thank Braun for giving me this confidence.

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