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Name : Jung-eun Han
Age : 23 years old
Surgery areas : Breasts

Deciding  on surgery

In the summer, I always worried about my small breasts.
Considering my body, my breasts were small and spread out sideways,
so I did not look good when I put on any clothes.
Especially in the summer,

I wanted to wear exposed clothes and go to the swimming pool wearing bikinis.

I hesitated a lot when I bought clothes or wore clothes because of my volumeless breasts.
No more volumeless breasts.
I decided to have surgery because I wanted to be reborn as a confident woman.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Jung-eun Han ]

She had small and flat breasts considering her body.
Her breasts were spread to the side.

Small and flat breast, spread breast

[ Surgery ]

Breasts : Natural spacious breast augmentation

Photo before & after surgery

After surgery, enjoy the glamorous body in my 20s!

A lot of things changed after the surgery from Braun.
After my long time complex was gone, my confidence went up.

I am glad I can spend my 20s happily.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

On the surgery day, for glamorous breasts

I left for the clinic with nervousness.
When I arrived, the staff told me to stay in the waiting room.

I was so nervous while waiting.

I talked to Dr. Gui-rak Kim before going to the surgery room.
He explained to me the method, implants, and precautions in detail.
I was nervous when I lay down on the operation table

but nurses were talking to me to make me feel at ease.
They covered me with a blanket in case I was cold.

They were so nice and I really appreciated it. 

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

No pain no gain.

For 3 days after the surgery,

it was hard to stand up by myself so I stayed in bed mostly.
I could only stand up with a help.

For 3 days, I went to the clinic for disinfection and a shot for pain.
I did not have much appetite, but I had to eat since I was talking antibiotics.

In order to get the implant in place,
I had to wear the pressure bandage and corrective underwear.

[ After 2 months ]

  I am no longer a kid.

The first thing I did after the surgery was I went to get new underwear.
Bye bye my old underwear. I didn’t need padded bra anymore.
I could wear any clothes confidently without a padded bra.
As time goes by, the texture and shape are all so natural.
My friends touched them and they got amazed.

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