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Name : Eun-hye Shin
Age : 25 years old
Surgery areas : Facial contour, fat grafting

Deciding  on surgery

I heard I was pretty when I was young but as I got older, I found flaws one by one.
Because of my square jaw and cheekbones, I looked like a country girl. After dieting,
I lost weight even in my face, so my square jaw line stood out.
I was sad to hear that I didn’t have a good image because of my sharp look.
I wanted to change my image for half of my 20s, so I visited Braun.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Eun-hye Shin ]

Considering her petite body, her jaw bone and cheekbones were developed.
Especially the square jaw by ears made her look masculine. 

Square jaws by ears and protruding cheekbones, sunken cheeks

[ Surgery ]

Facial contour : 30-Min fixed-malar reduction,

 Fat grafting : Lovely face

Photo before & after surgery

Reborn in the Braun!

“Eun-hye, your birthday should be changed!”
“Eun-hye, what’s up? You look so happy”
This is what I hear from my friends. After surgery from Braun, I feel like I was reborn.
I became outgoing and very active. I am happy every day and I always smile.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Finding a problem with my face!

I didn’t know I would visit a plastic surgery clinic! I was biased about plastic surgery.
I visited Braun to find the problems with my face.
The clinic was better than I thought and the doctors and nurses were so nice.
After 3DCT, I had a consultation with my doctor for over an hour.
I emphasized I wanted to be natural and pretty.
I took a before surgery photo and I decided on the surgery in Braun.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Recovery time !

I slept all day after the surgery. Breathing was hard because of facial contouring
but I tried to recover as my doctor said the surgery went great.
I wore a hat to get treatment because I was shy and the hat looked big due to my small face. 

[ Week 1~2 ]

Swelling after the surgery? What is that ?

I was scared that the face gets swollen after facial contouring.
But in my case, within a week, the swelling was gone.
My doctor said the result was excellent so the recovery was faster.
I think the follow up care helped getting rid of the swelling a lot.
Braun has a postoperative treatment system.
I think the regular swelling treatment played a big role.

[ After 2 months ]

My tiny face, so pretty.

After a month, my face got really small, so I got surprised every morning.
Because of fat grafting, my face got firm so everybody said I look young.
And I look very feminine.
Now I am doing wedding and beauty model work.
Even in the morning when my face is puffy,

it’s still small. It’s so lovely even when I look at myself. 

[ After 6months ]

Dreaming to be 'Olivia Hussey' in Korea.

There have been a lot of things happening in the meantime.
I visited Braun after six months. My doctor said everything was in a very good position,
and there was no problem with the face bones.
I feel like the hat that I used to wear got bigger.
I can feel the envy of the people for my small face when I wear a hat!

The director of photography said that

my face is like a celebrity so my confidence is going up in the sky day by day.
I'm going to show my skills as a model with my confident look.

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