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Name : Kyung-suk Shim
Age : 24 years old
Surgery areas : Eyes, nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

After I decided to get married to my boyfriend of 6 years, I decided to get surgery.
I was sad that my 20s was not pretty so I wanted to be pretty for my new start.
It took over a month to persuade my boyfriend.
Finally my boyfriend respected my opinion and agreed.
I wanted to be a prettiest girl in my wedding!

Surgery information

[ Issues with Kyung-suk Shim ]

Because of the uneven face line and the wide nose shape,
she looked somewhat masculine despite of her bright skin tone.

Think double eyelid + ugly bulbous nose
+ protruding cheekbones + angular jaw line + uneven face line

[ Surgery ]

Eyes : Natural adhesion eye reshaping surgery, epicanthoplasty, eye angle reshaping

 Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

 Facial contour : V-Line square jaw surgery, 3D lifting-rotation malar reduction

Photo before & after surgery

After 6weeks, the world has changed!

My face is slim and the swelling on my eyes is better.
I have the V-line when I take a photo from the front and side!!
I can open my mouth the same as before and have no problem eating.
I tend to get swelling easily but almost all the swelling was gone by 6 months.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

On the surgery day, I was nervous.

My boyfriend wanted to come with me but I went to the clinic alone.
I changed my clothes to a patient’s uniform and washed my face. Then, I talked to my doctor.

Dr. Gui-rak Kim was in charge of my nose and eyes and
Dr. Tae-gyu Kim was in charge of my jaw and cheekbones.
They checked my eyelid line before the surgery and explained about the facial contouring in detail.
Then finally, I went to the operating room!!

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

My changing face.

On the second day, I went to the clinic and was disinfected.
Every day seemed too long and the swelling was getting worse.
My head felt too heavy, so I was almost lying down.
I used an ice pack so as not to get any more swelling, and did it again and again after sleeping.

I could not open my mouth because of the lifting mask and swelling.
So I put pumpkin soup in a syringe to eat.
And I went to the clinic on day 5 and got the splint removed and I could see my high nose.
And the swelling on my cheekbones and jaw was better compared to
day 2~ 3 days and the swelling on my eyes was better as well.

[ Week 1~2 ]

 Found hidden V-line!

The swelling was going away quickly !
My head felt lighter so I could move around easily.
And I could open my mouth wider than before so I could eat pumpkin soup with a syringe better.

I could already see the V-line!!
Do you see the swelling is gone?
And my nose side line, this is the nose, the natural line that I really wanted.

[ After 2 months ]

Eating the food I wanted!

Awesome line on my jaw! Really slim right?
My nose was good but my eyes still had swelling.
The nurse told me a hot pad was good for swelling after a week.

I ate the chicken that I was waiting for.
After a month, I could eat chicken. Before eating, my mom and boyfriend made me exercise the muscles.
I needed to exercise the muscles on my mouth.

Otherwise they didn’t let me eat. They were worried.

[ After 6months ]

My life has changed completely!

6 months has passed.
I got married and these are the pictures I took on the way from my honeymoon.
Before surgery, I put a lot of eyeliner, foundation and shading makeup,
But after surgery, no more thick make up.

I do a natural style.
Even I only do eyebrows and lip gloss I look different.
My face line has changed the most!
After 6 months, the swelling is almost gone, so don’t worry even if your swelling is bad !!

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