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Name : Yong-kyu Gu
Age : 21 years old
Surgery areas : Nose, facial contour

Deciding  on surgery

Stressed out with my ugly facial line!

Protruding cheek bones, square jaw and low and curved nose.
Gave me stress.
I didn’t like that I had a wild image and people told me I look too tough.
I looked up information on the internet and clinics and visited several clinics for 2 months.
I decided on Braun after listening to

Dr. Tae-gyu Kim regarding detailed information on surgery and postoperative care.

Surgery information

[ Issues with Yong-kyu Gu ]

He had big ears, eyes, mouth, and nose but his protruding cheek bones,
square jaw and nose made him look wild and older.

Low tip of nose and curve nose + protruding side cheek bone
+ square jaw line

[ Surgery ]

Nose : 3D CT rhinoplasty

Facial contour : Anterior square jaw surgery,
3D lifting-rotation malar reduction, removal of buccal fat

Photo before & after surgery

Handsome image and happy first impression !

After nose and facial contouring from Braun, my life has changed.
My first image!

In my school, my part time job and even on a blind date, I am a guy with a good image.
So I get attention in all kinds of meetings.
Thanks to that, I take care of myself more and dream big.

Post surgery recovery process

[ On the day of surgery ]

Men get nervous for surgery as well …

First, I took before photos, signed a consent form and changed into my patient’s uniform bravely.
I didn’t get nervous during the consultation before the surgery but when I was about to
go in the surgery room I was so nervous

Especially while I was lying on the operating table and I was a bit scared to hear the nurse
saying that my arms and legs would be tied because I should not move during surgery.
I was so nervous because it was my first general anesthesia, but when I woke up the surgery was over.
When I woke up, my throat hurt and I was nauseated.
I remember I was just sleeping because of anesthesia.

[ After surgery ~ 5 days ]

Taking care of swelling after the surgery!

On the day of the operation, I fasted and changed into a patient's uniform.
For facial contouring, I heard it’s the worst for 3 days.

I did not expect it but the swelling was terrible.
On the 3rd day, I went to the clinic and my nose splint

and cotton balls in my nose were removed and it felt awesome!
Anyone who has not had a nose surgery will never know this feeling.

And three days passed, the swelling began to go away.
It was too hard to eat because of the stitches inside my mouth,

so I ate a little bit of soup and drank pumpkin juice like water.
As time went on, the bruises were gone gradually, and I used the lifting mask every day.
Everyone said it hurt, but it was not so painful, just a tingling.

On the 5th day, I went in to get a shot.
It was raining so I was tired, but the  nurses helped me a lot.
They checked my mouth and I had a swelling treatment.
And when I received high frequency treatment for the first time, my muscles became hard so
it was sore every time I touched it,
but after massaging it the swelling got better and my muscles were loosened.

[ Week 1~2 ]

My slim facial line and sharp nose is revealed!

After the splint was removed,

the swelling on my nose got better but quite a bit of mouth and chin swelling remained.
I finally ate rice after eating soup every day.
It felt weird to chew because it’s been a while, but I tried to chew.
I could tell the swelling was going away quickly. I am excited to see the facial contouring.

After a week, the swelling is almost gone, so I could do daily life without a mask.
I went in to get the stitches in my mouth removed.
After getting a massage, the stitches were removed.
I was nervous so the nurse was being careful. It wasn’t painful but it sting a bit.
After removing the stitches in my mouth, I felt a lot better.

The stitches on my nose would melt so I didn’t have to remove the, which made me relieved.
The pulling feeling in my mouth was gone so when I ate, I felt more comfortable.
After about 2 weeks, I could take pictures that I couldn’t do before because of

my jaw and cheek bone swelling.
My nose line where the swelling went away first was awesome.
Because of my cheeks, I still look chubby but I can see the line already!
I am so excited for my face after all the swelling is gone!!

[ After 2 months ]

My image got softer and clear

After a month, the swelling is almost gone. Just a little left.
My body doesn’t get swelled up, so I didn’t have much swelling and it was gone quickly.
I could see the line but I think a little swelling is left that takes a bit.

Normally, it takes 6 months until all the swelling is gone so I am waiting to be more handsome.
Every day, I feel like my facial line is getting softer.
My strong and blunt image is gone.
I used to sigh whenever I looked at the mirror but now I can take a selfie

even if I still have a little bit of swelling left!

[ After 6months ]

I found my hidden V line and nose line!

The facial contouring takes its place as the swelling is going away.
The swelling on my nose was gone way before.
I don’t remember what I looked like before.

Whenever I see old pictures, I keep telling myself the surgery was a good choice.
Everyone said it takes 6 months to get rid of all the swelling and I agree.
I don’t know if all the swelling is gone, but I am satisfied with my face now.

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