Korean Plastic Surgery

All about Korea Plastic Surgery

What is Korea's representative culture recognized in the world? E-Sports, K-DRAMA, K-POP, etc. Various images come to Korea. However, K-beauty is Korea's representative culture.Korea will be the only country in the world where beauty becomes a representative culture. It is no exaggeration to say that the vision of beauty is so keen and that all the industries connected with it have developed in South Korea.Certain technologies require a variety of experiences to develop. Korea's high interest in beauty has led to the development of plastic surgery technology in Korea, which has completed the experience and know-how that cannot be compared to other countries.Over the past decade or more, Korea has built a process to complete safe and high-quality results based on surgical experience on a variety of cases and has been able to create an excellent plastic surgery market today.

Three Reasons to Receive Plastic Surgery in Korea

The First Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Korea – Outstanding Results

Our excellent results came from the skill of a doctor. The long-lasting development allows Korean medical staff to achieve outstanding results in a sophisticated, yet high level based on superior performance compared to other countries.

Second Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Korea – Experiences

Korean plastic surgery is already famous for its safe and good results, so not only foreign celebrities but also many overseas patients come to Korea to have plastic surgery. Also, plastic surgery systems, country-specific translating, hotel and vehicle pickup sending services are better compared to other countries, so patients can come to Korea alone and go back safely even on their first visit.

3rd Reasons to Receive Plastic Surgery in Korea – Customization System

We have a personalized system based on numerous cases of Korean and foreign surgery. There are global processes not found in other countries, such as pre-plastic counseling > diagnosis > surgery > post-operative recovery > care. Besides, it is easy to access not only domestic surgery but also neighboring countries, so people of various races can boast a high level of experience in surgery with safety that can significantly reduce the probability of side effects after surgery.

How to choose the right Korean Plastic Surgery

The priority is to choose a medical team that can give you faith through pre-inspection counseling. It is also recommended to determine whether the hospital has a variety of surgical cases and whether the hospital performs the surgery in consideration of overall.Recently in another well-known Korean plastic surgery clinic, there was a case where a consulting doctor and the doctor who operated surgery came out differently. This case emerged as a huge social problem in Korea and it is also wise to find out whether your hospital performs proxy surgery.Additionally, there are many other criteria for choosing good plastic surgery. It is recommended to refer to various postscripts of each surgery, what surgical methods are used to perform the surgery, and what clinic provides for home-careservices. At Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic, we provide each patient with an accurate explanation through unrelenting research and best techniques, and for foreign patients, our staff interprets every description in detail in each patient's native language to minimize the factors that may cause them to be anxious and provide them with a safe and great satisfaction based on trust.

South Korea Plastic Surgery tourism

One of the best reasons for Korea's tourism is that it has a lot to see and play, and you can enjoy it enough without much travel.Patients want to soothe their free time after plastic surgery, but it is often not easy to go out. For Gangnam and Apgujeong, where plastic surgery clinics are concentrated, visitors can enjoy shopping fully indoors, including department stores, COEX, and underground shopping malls. Gangnam, in particular, is a world-famous tourist spot, and it has a wide variety of brands and eateries. Moreover, there is a Han River near Apgujeong, which is good for light outdoor activities when the weather is nice.