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Selfie asli


I really didn’t want to get a surgery because it was so scary but I had to get my revision rhinoplasty surgery done so I had to make my mind to get the job done. I had a consultation with my consul

2020-01-09 Braun view 147051

Contractured nose revision surgery review

The first 3 photos: Before The last 3 photos: After I had a nose operation about 5~6 years ago, using silicon and nasal septum cartilage. I didn't like the shape of my nose from the beginning. I d

2019-10-04 prettydani view 360496

Male 3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction+sunken cheeks correction

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After Hello~ I am a male in my late 20s. The cheekbone was always a complex. For months! I had been looking into having surgery and finally I had the surgery

2019-10-02 shipchilcha view 18827

Double eyelid surgery review (Partial incision+Ptosis correction)

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: 1 day after the surgery The 3rd photo: 2 days after the surgery The 4th photo: 3 days after the surgery The 5th photo: 1 week after the surgery I came to Br

2019-10-01 youjinkim view 651994

3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction review

The 1st & 2nd photos: After The 3rd & 4th photos: Before Ever since I was young, I have always heard that my face is big and I have strong impression. I grew up with a lot of stress because of my

2019-09-27 BURT S BEES view 110351

I finally have a cleavage!!

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After I am here to write my 1 year breast surgery review. You improve other parts of my body on my own but it is hard to do that with the breasts. I even t

2019-09-26 ppangppang view 26171

Successful double eyelids surgery review

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After I got double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction! I had long eyes with double eyelids, but I was always stressed out about my inner double eyelids and

2019-09-25 dndn view 19284

Satisfied with breast augmentation surgery before getting married

I had breast augmentation surgery at Braun. I wanted to have breast augmentation surgery before getting married, so I had been thinking about it a lot. And I told my husband to be about my concern

2019-09-24 jjooni view 29222

Double eyelids surgery review (Natural adhesion method)

The 1st & 2nd photos: Before The 3rd photo: After I already had double eyelids, but they were too thin, so I had to look down in order to show the eyelids. I was thinking about whether I should d

2019-09-24 chohyunah view 21247

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