1 month after FC, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery

It's been a month since I had facial contouring, rhinoplasty and my revisional eyelid surgery at Braun. I am loving the results so far! Eyes - Dr.Kim Seung Min made my double eyelid symmetrical an

2023-09-19 kikilove view 2466

My Breast Augmentation Review

Its been 6 months since I got my breast augmentation done at Braun. I'm so grateful to have had Dr.Lee Jiwon as my surgeon. The staff at Braun also took such good care of me during my entire recovery

2023-09-07 Soulovely92 view 1832

I got my nose done with Dr.Lee Ji Won

Hi! This is my first plastic surgery experience. I felt very comfortable with the whole staff and the doctor. Dr.Lee has been very thorough every time I have questions. It has been 6month

2023-08-28 Sinead view 106508

Nose Surgery Review

2 months after nose surgery I got my surgery with Dr.Lee Jiwon I had low forehead and thick nose and I just solved my problem with this surgery. I've been really proudly to tell other people about

2022-05-17 Oneday view 79605

2 Months after incision + eye + front splatter

It feels like I just got my first consultation yesterday but it's has been two months since I got my surgery. To be honest I was scared and afraid at that time but I'm glad I'm doing it. It's not hu

2022-05-17 Yes Yes view 51772

2Months after my nose surgery (Dr. Ryu Dong wan)

I got my nose surgery from Braun Plastic Surgery with Dr. Ryu Dong Wan. Now it's my condition after 2 months. The nose bridge was raised with silicone, and the tip of the nose was operated using ear

2022-05-17 Cactus view 51030

non-incision double eyelid with ptosis correction

I had multiple fold by sagging eyelid. Ptosis correction made me feel easier to open my eyes. Of course I like the new double fold too! I hope my pictures help other people to decide the surgery.

2022-03-25 Park view 303010

Jaw angle reduction review

My jaw looked really wide especially when i look up. It has been one month after jaw angle reduction. I had numbness for few weeks after surgery but it's all gone now. I'm really happy with t

2022-02-22 Ham view 18083

review for 3D cheekbone reduction / facelift (2months)

I had cheekbone reduction by Dr.Kim, face lift by Dr.Ryu. I still have minor swelling depending on my body condition. I have no problem to open my mouth after surgery. My recovery is going very

2022-02-15 jini view 21211

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