My Breast Augmentation Review

Its been 6 months since I got my breast augmentation done at Braun. I'm so grateful to have had Dr.Lee Jiwon as my surgeon. The staff at Braun also took such good care of me during my entire recovery process. I was considering breast augmentation for about 2 years and I was so conflicted as to which clinic to go to. I'm really glad that I waited for the right surgeon. Dr.Jiwon listened to all my concerns and gave me advice when it came to choosing the implant size. He also reassured me about the myths and fears I had with having an foreign object inside my body. All my friends are amazed at how natural my breasts look. I am about 6 months post-op but and the shape gets better day by day. I am now more confident with my body, it feels like I own the body of my dreams. Seriously the best choice I've ever done!

rhinoplasty revision

I had nose revision using donor rib cartilage+donor dermis+ear cartilage. I had check up today with doctor. He said there couldn't be better outcome than now and i agree with him. My nose was co

2021-10-28 REVISION view 27262

Review for facial contouring surgery and rhinoplasty

I have been so stressed about my prominent cheekbone and flat face. I never thought i could have this big change. I appreciate to the doctors and consultant at Braun. They were really kind and per

2021-10-15 ALT view 68527

male double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction

Hi! I'm here to write a review for my eyelid surgery. As you can see my previous eyes picture, my eyes look so sleepy and asymmetry. You know we have to wear a mask all the time nowadays, only my ey

2021-10-08 Nadung view 124961

Facial contouring surgery (before and after)

The best thing i have done this year was having my facial contouring surgery done. My concerns were : 1. Prominent cheekbone, squared jaw, skinny face 2. Severe sunken cheek 3. asymmetry 4. a

2021-10-06 Sunning view 20289

Rhinoplasty revision

I had rhinoplasty revision done at Braun The surgeon who operated my previous nose surgery told me it's not possible to make good outcome because my nose is too bulbous and flat. I didn't expect the

2021-10-05 Dr.Kim view 18790

Rhinoplasty done by Dr.Lee Ji Won

I've been searching a good doctor for rhinoplasty and finally got to know Braun plastic surgery. I had consultation with several clinics to choose the best clinic for my nose. I felt Braun is more p

2021-09-25 Coo view 370600

Thank you Braun - Rhinoplasty revision, Facial contouring surgery

I had rhinoplasty revision with donor dermis on the bridg, donor rib cartilage, ear cartilage on the tip, and alar reduction. For my facial contouring surgery, i had cheekbone reduction, sunken ch

2021-09-17 YOO view 24864

Facial contouring 3 point+Accu laser + Eyes + Nose (Face off)

I had hard time to choose a surgeon as my surgeries are invasive. After I meet Dr. Kim Tae Gyu, i found him very trustworthy. The surgery cost was big money for me. I think it was really worthy to

2021-09-15 BRAUNFACE view 148825

Cheekbone reduction by Dr.Kim Tae Gyu

Hello! I had my cheekbone surgery done last December at Braun. The reason why i decided to have my surgery at Braun was i could feel dr.Kim is very honest. The surgery didn't make any pain but i h

2021-09-14 Ch view 74537

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