Review for facial contouring surgery! - 3months post operation

I have been thought of having a surgery since i was a teenager. I decided to have a surgery because i recently resigned so got some free time and i can always wear a mask nowadays. I should have don

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double eyelid surgery non-incision method with ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty by Dr.Ryu, Dongwan!

Hi! It has been one month after surgery. I had small double eyelid before with very weak eye opening power. I decided to have a surgery because It made my face always look sleepy and tired. Dr.Ryu

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review for rhinoplasty

This is a rhinoplasty review! My nose was short and low. The tip of my nose was wide, but I was scared to get rhinoplasty, so I just received filler. But it wasn’t enough so I did surgery ! The fi

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Eye revision surgery-lateral canthoplasty+natural adhesion

I’ve done double eyelid surgery back in the days without enough consideration. Since then, I always wanted to get lateral canthoplasty. But friend of mine got lateral plasty from other hospital an

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Facial contouring + Mini face lift

Hello, I came from China and got my surgery on 1st of August, 2019. Last year, I came to Korea to get facial contouring but Doctor was fully booked so I wasn’t able to make a booking. It actually

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The 'before' photograph is me wearing a Push Up bra… Friend of mine got breast surgery from Dr Lee Jeong Hun a year ago and it still looks so natural and beautiful till now. I worried about what i

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I didn’t wear my make up and it hasn’t been 2 months yet. I had flat nose bridge and small nose before the surgery but now, I’m so happy with the outcomes! I worried a lot on my surgery day bu

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Malar reduction surgery

I got a Malar reduction surgery on 8th of August 2019 at Braun. What made me to choose Braun is because it is a famous hospital and I trusted Dr Kim Tae Gyu, so I didn’t have to visit other hospita

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Facial Contouring and Accusculp reviews

When I take a selfie or do ponytail, my square jaw line always gave me stress and unconfident. So I decided to get facial contouring from Dr Kim Tae Gyu and it was the best choice I’ve ever made!

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