My Breast Augmentation Review

Its been 6 months since I got my breast augmentation done at Braun. I'm so grateful to have had Dr.Lee Jiwon as my surgeon. The staff at Braun also took such good care of me during my entire recovery process. I was considering breast augmentation for about 2 years and I was so conflicted as to which clinic to go to. I'm really glad that I waited for the right surgeon. Dr.Jiwon listened to all my concerns and gave me advice when it came to choosing the implant size. He also reassured me about the myths and fears I had with having an foreign object inside my body. All my friends are amazed at how natural my breasts look. I am about 6 months post-op but and the shape gets better day by day. I am now more confident with my body, it feels like I own the body of my dreams. Seriously the best choice I've ever done!

Review for facial contouring surgery! - 3months post operation

I have been thought of having a surgery since i was a teenager. I decided to have a surgery because i recently resigned so got some free time and i can always wear a mask nowadays. I should have don

2021-09-13 Duo view 18199

double eyelid surgery non-incision method with ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty by Dr.Ryu, Dongwan!

Hi! It has been one month after surgery. I had small double eyelid before with very weak eye opening power. I decided to have a surgery because It made my face always look sleepy and tired. Dr.Ryu

2021-09-09 J view 25940

review for rhinoplasty

This is a rhinoplasty review! My nose was short and low. The tip of my nose was wide, but I was scared to get rhinoplasty, so I just received filler. But it wasn’t enough so I did surgery ! The fi

2021-09-01 Braun view 29246

Eye revision surgery-lateral canthoplasty+natural adhesion

I’ve done double eyelid surgery back in the days without enough consideration. Since then, I always wanted to get lateral canthoplasty. But friend of mine got lateral plasty from other hospital an

2020-01-20 Braun view 126904

Facial contouring + Mini face lift

Hello, I came from China and got my surgery on 1st of August, 2019. Last year, I came to Korea to get facial contouring but Doctor was fully booked so I wasn’t able to make a booking. It actually

2020-01-17 Braun view 344138


The 'before' photograph is me wearing a Push Up bra… Friend of mine got breast surgery from Dr Lee Jeong Hun a year ago and it still looks so natural and beautiful till now. I worried about what i

2020-01-16 Braun view 27060


I didn’t wear my make up and it hasn’t been 2 months yet. I had flat nose bridge and small nose before the surgery but now, I’m so happy with the outcomes! I worried a lot on my surgery day bu

2020-01-15 Braun view 210202

Malar reduction surgery

I got a Malar reduction surgery on 8th of August 2019 at Braun. What made me to choose Braun is because it is a famous hospital and I trusted Dr Kim Tae Gyu, so I didn’t have to visit other hospita

2020-01-14 Braun view 19474

Facial Contouring and Accusculp reviews

When I take a selfie or do ponytail, my square jaw line always gave me stress and unconfident. So I decided to get facial contouring from Dr Kim Tae Gyu and it was the best choice I’ve ever made!

2020-01-13 Braun view 20009

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