My Breast Augmentation Review

Its been 6 months since I got my breast augmentation done at Braun. I'm so grateful to have had Dr.Lee Jiwon as my surgeon. The staff at Braun also took such good care of me during my entire recovery process. I was considering breast augmentation for about 2 years and I was so conflicted as to which clinic to go to. I'm really glad that I waited for the right surgeon. Dr.Jiwon listened to all my concerns and gave me advice when it came to choosing the implant size. He also reassured me about the myths and fears I had with having an foreign object inside my body. All my friends are amazed at how natural my breasts look. I am about 6 months post-op but and the shape gets better day by day. I am now more confident with my body, it feels like I own the body of my dreams. Seriously the best choice I've ever done!


I really didn’t want to get a surgery because it was so scary but I had to get my revision rhinoplasty surgery done so I had to make my mind to get the job done. I had a consultation with my consul

2020-01-09 Braun view 193417

Contractured nose revision surgery review

The first 3 photos: Before The last 3 photos: After I had a nose operation about 5~6 years ago, using silicon and nasal septum cartilage. I didn't like the shape of my nose from the beginning. I d

2019-10-04 prettydani view 396637

Male 3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction+sunken cheeks correction

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After Hello~ I am a male in my late 20s. The cheekbone was always a complex. For months! I had been looking into having surgery and finally I had the surgery

2019-10-02 shipchilcha view 18966

Double eyelid surgery review (Partial incision+Ptosis correction)

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: 1 day after the surgery The 3rd photo: 2 days after the surgery The 4th photo: 3 days after the surgery The 5th photo: 1 week after the surgery I came to Br

2019-10-01 youjinkim view 652184

3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction review

The 1st & 2nd photos: After The 3rd & 4th photos: Before Ever since I was young, I have always heard that my face is big and I have strong impression. I grew up with a lot of stress because of my

2019-09-27 BURT S BEES view 112904

I finally have a cleavage!!

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After I am here to write my 1 year breast surgery review. You improve other parts of my body on my own but it is hard to do that with the breasts. I even t

2019-09-26 ppangppang view 26222

Successful double eyelids surgery review

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After I got double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction! I had long eyes with double eyelids, but I was always stressed out about my inner double eyelids and

2019-09-25 dndn view 19379

Satisfied with breast augmentation surgery before getting married

I had breast augmentation surgery at Braun. I wanted to have breast augmentation surgery before getting married, so I had been thinking about it a lot. And I told my husband to be about my concern

2019-09-24 jjooni view 29351

Double eyelids surgery review (Natural adhesion method)

The 1st & 2nd photos: Before The 3rd photo: After I already had double eyelids, but they were too thin, so I had to look down in order to show the eyelids. I was thinking about whether I should d

2019-09-24 chohyunah view 21398

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