Facial contouring-Inverted V shape osteotomy and sunken cheeks correction

The front chin is a little long, it seems like my overall jaw is short. So I got it shortened and pushed a little forward. I should have done it earlier. I did I made a good choice. It's so hard

2019-09-23 morningbraun view 434201

6 months after square jaw reduction surgery

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd photo: After My jaw has developed since I was a child, and it was quite a complex for me, but I happened to know Braun ps clinic, so first, I had a consultation via pho

2019-09-20 dangi view 524179

Male rhinoplasty review

The 1st & 2nd photos: Before The 3rd photo: After First of all, I want to thank the doctor for making my nose pretty naturally. I would like to express my appreciation by writing this review witho

2019-09-18 sinnara**** view 20622

Breast surgery gave me my self-esteem back!

After breastfeeding my two daughters, my breasts shrank and became so small... I mean they were already not big enough, but after breast-feeding, I got really stressed out because they became saggy to

2019-09-17 ddooimom view 26844

2 types of facial contouring surgeries 10 week review

Hello! It's been 10 weeks since I had inverted V osteotomy and a square jaw reduction surgery. The reason why I decided to have surgery was my square jaw and long face. On the day of surgery, I was

2019-09-16 macaroon view 18142

Nose surgery review

The 1st and 2nd photos: Before surgery The 3rd and 4th photos: After surgery I got nose surgery at Braun. I was so tired after the surgery, but I was so happy that the cottons inside of my nose a

2019-09-11 xxiamyeonju view 18112

3 types of facial contouring, sunken cheek correction + 2nd rhinoplasty revision

Left and middle photos in the 1st tier: Before surgery Right photo in the 1st tier: Surgery day Left photo in the 2nd tier: The 7th day Middle photo in the 2nd tier: The 10th day Right photo in t

2019-09-10 hyeonj1 view 21422

Completely flat nose surgery review

The 1st photo: Before The 2nd and 3rd photos: After I had really flat and small nose with a very low nose bridge like a Korean singer, IU… I visited and had consultations with all the clinics f

2019-09-09 1853 view 19946

3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction

The 1st and 2nd photos: Before surgery The 3rd and 4th photos: After 2 months I had 3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction surgery at Braun 2 months ago and I want to share my experience. A month ag

2019-09-05 kimseulgi view 18617

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