Facial contouring surgery by Dr.Kim + Eyelid surgery by Dr.Lee

It has been 7weeks since i had facial contouring surgery for my wide cheekbone, squared jaw angle, and flat chin. I found Dr.Kim's youtube video. I couldn't sleep well until the 3rd day because of s

2022-01-11 Jojo view 22772

Rhinoplaty review (Dr.Lee)

I used to have filler injection every year because i hated my hump nose and droopy nose tip. But filler couldn't change the nose shape actually. So I finally decided to have nose done. I had consult

2022-01-05 Chae view 20591

Facial contouring surgery and face lift

My mom had a prominent cheekbone and squared jawline with sever asymmetry. I finally brought her to Braun and she got new look. It was a bit hard for her having a liquid diet for 1 week after surg

2021-12-28 Yooni view 127271

Natural nose♥ (Dr.Ryu, Dong Wan)

It's 2 months post operation! It looks really natural already and so pretty. Many friends of mine asked where i got the nose surgery.

2021-12-22 WOOANG view 26794

Facial contouring surgery 5months review

I have been thought of having a facial contouring surgery for 10 years. My friend recommended this clinic. I was happy with the consultation. I have no problem with opening my mouth, feeling now.

2021-12-20 Fishcake view 17320

2months after facial contouring surgery!!

It's 2months after facial contouring surgery now. I had cheekbone reduction and vline surgery. I had diet also which made the result more effective. I'm not good in taking a picture so it may not c

2021-12-08 Pineapple view 26508

Epicanthoplasty + double eyelid surgery revision changing out-line from in-line (Dr.Lee, JiWon)

I had double eyelid surgery non-incision method 5 years ago. I was okay with the result but wanted to change the line lately from in-line to out-line. I wasn't sure if it is possible so i had c

2021-11-15 zzangu view 21040

Double eyelid revision + lateral canthoplasty

I have fat eyelid and no space between eyebrows and eyes. I didn't like my first double eyelid surgery outcome. Because my eyes looked still small. This revision surgery changed the line which made

2021-11-10 NEW view 19279

Facial contouring surgeyr & 3rd time rhinoplasty revision

My nose is very flat and bulbous even I had 2 times of nose surgery. I have thought of having a cheekbone surgery for long time. So I decided to have both surgery this time. I heard Braun is

2021-11-04 YOUNG view 22246

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