My Breast Augmentation Review

Its been 6 months since I got my breast augmentation done at Braun. I'm so grateful to have had Dr.Lee Jiwon as my surgeon. The staff at Braun also took such good care of me during my entire recovery process. I was considering breast augmentation for about 2 years and I was so conflicted as to which clinic to go to. I'm really glad that I waited for the right surgeon. Dr.Jiwon listened to all my concerns and gave me advice when it came to choosing the implant size. He also reassured me about the myths and fears I had with having an foreign object inside my body. All my friends are amazed at how natural my breasts look. I am about 6 months post-op but and the shape gets better day by day. I am now more confident with my body, it feels like I own the body of my dreams. Seriously the best choice I've ever done!

Facial contouring surgery by Dr.Kim + Eyelid surgery by Dr.Lee

It has been 7weeks since i had facial contouring surgery for my wide cheekbone, squared jaw angle, and flat chin. I found Dr.Kim's youtube video. I couldn't sleep well until the 3rd day because of s

2022-01-11 Jojo view 22803

Rhinoplaty review (Dr.Lee)

I used to have filler injection every year because i hated my hump nose and droopy nose tip. But filler couldn't change the nose shape actually. So I finally decided to have nose done. I had consult

2022-01-05 Chae view 20620

Facial contouring surgery and face lift

My mom had a prominent cheekbone and squared jawline with sever asymmetry. I finally brought her to Braun and she got new look. It was a bit hard for her having a liquid diet for 1 week after surg

2021-12-28 Yooni view 127310

Natural nose♥ (Dr.Ryu, Dong Wan)

It's 2 months post operation! It looks really natural already and so pretty. Many friends of mine asked where i got the nose surgery.

2021-12-22 WOOANG view 26887

Facial contouring surgery 5months review

I have been thought of having a facial contouring surgery for 10 years. My friend recommended this clinic. I was happy with the consultation. I have no problem with opening my mouth, feeling now.

2021-12-20 Fishcake view 17337

2months after facial contouring surgery!!

It's 2months after facial contouring surgery now. I had cheekbone reduction and vline surgery. I had diet also which made the result more effective. I'm not good in taking a picture so it may not c

2021-12-08 Pineapple view 26535

Epicanthoplasty + double eyelid surgery revision changing out-line from in-line (Dr.Lee, JiWon)

I had double eyelid surgery non-incision method 5 years ago. I was okay with the result but wanted to change the line lately from in-line to out-line. I wasn't sure if it is possible so i had c

2021-11-15 zzangu view 21084

Double eyelid revision + lateral canthoplasty

I have fat eyelid and no space between eyebrows and eyes. I didn't like my first double eyelid surgery outcome. Because my eyes looked still small. This revision surgery changed the line which made

2021-11-10 NEW view 19299

Facial contouring surgeyr & 3rd time rhinoplasty revision

My nose is very flat and bulbous even I had 2 times of nose surgery. I have thought of having a cheekbone surgery for long time. So I decided to have both surgery this time. I heard Braun is

2021-11-04 YOUNG view 22293

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