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3D lifting-rotation zygoma reduction

I had 3D lifting rotation zygoma reduction at Braun. Previously, I wa

BURT S BEE 2019-07-19 1568

Double eyelid surgery

My friends tried to stop me from getting double eyelid surgery because

yj 2019-07-19 1369

Asymmetric A size breasts became full B size

I got breast augmentation surgery because I had had asymmetric A size

sogreat 2019-07-19 21007

3D lifting-rotation zygoma reduction review

1st part of photos: Before surgery(taken at home) 2nd part of photos:

hee 2019-07-19 1385

Male blepharoplasty review

Hello~ I had male blepharoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. I had nose

jaejoon 2019-07-18 1166

Get facial contouring surgery at Braun certainly!

Hello~ I am 21 years old and I had square jaw reduction surgery at Bra

bestBraunDoc 2019-07-18 2911

Male rhinoplasty review!

At first, I didn't feel like writing a review online to be honest. Ho

fox 2019-07-10 1324

It's been three months since the breast surgery~~

The 1st photo: After surgery The 2nd photo: Before surgery When I

KKaaa 2019-07-09 3391

Male rhinoplasty humpy nose

The 1st photo: Before surgery The 2nd photo: After surgery Hello~~

leepoka 2019-07-09 11498

Nose surgery review

After surgery: First 3 photos Before surgery: Last photo A month a

serim 2019-07-08 1308

Eyelid and nose

It's my first plastic surgery, so I've been looking for plastic surger

eueuwuwu 2019-07-08 4842

I received Inverted V shape osteotomy surgery!!

Hello! I received Inverted V-shape osteotomy surgery in the beginning

slimface 2019-07-08 1256
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