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Review for facial contouring surgery and rhinoplasty

I have been so stressed about my prominent cheekbone and flat face.

ALT 2021-10-15 308

male double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction

Hi! I'm here to write a review for my eyelid surgery. As you can see

Nadung 2021-10-08 542

Facial contouring surgery (before and after)

The best thing i have done this year was having my facial contouring s

Sunning 2021-10-06 465

Rhinoplasty revision

I had rhinoplasty revision done by dr.Kim Gui Rak. The surgeon who op

Dr.Kim 2021-10-05 183

Rhinoplasty done by Dr.Lee Ji Won

I've been searching a good doctor for rhinoplasty and finally got to k

Coo 2021-09-25 869

Thank you Braun - Rhinoplasty revision, Facial contouring surgery

I had rhinoplasty revision with donor dermis on the bridg, donor rib

YOO 2021-09-17 498

Facial contouring 3 point+Accu laser + Eyes + Nose (Face off)

I had hard time to choose a surgeon as my surgeries are invasive. Aft

BRAUNFACE 2021-09-15 117

Cheekbone reduction by Dr.Kim Tae Gyu

Hello! I had my cheekbone surgery done last December at Braun. The r

Ch 2021-09-14 85

Review for facial contouring surgery! - 3months post operation

I have been thought of having a surgery since i was a teenager. I dec

Duo 2021-09-13 54

double eyelid surgery non-incision method with ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty by Dr.Ryu, Dongwan!

Hi! It has been one month after surgery. I had small double eyelid b

J 2021-09-09 96

review for rhinoplasty

This is a rhinoplasty review! My nose was short and low. The tip of m

Braun 2021-09-01 669

Eye revision surgery-lateral canthoplasty+natural adhesion

I’ve done double eyelid surgery back in the days without enough cons

Braun 2020-01-20 30211
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