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non-incision double eyelid with ptosis correction

I had multiple fold by sagging eyelid. Ptosis correction made me fee

Park 2022-03-25 19110

Jaw angle reduction review

My jaw looked really wide especially when i look up. It has been on

Ham 2022-02-22 866

review for 3D cheekbone reduction / facelift (2months)

I had cheekbone reduction by Dr.Kim, face lift by Dr.Ryu. I still h

jini 2022-02-15 1807

5months after facial contouring surgery

It has been 5 months after facial contouring surgery. I don't know wh

SIMIN 2022-01-14 2255

Facial contouring surgery by Dr.Kim + Eyelid surgery by Dr.Lee

It has been 7weeks since i had facial contouring surgery for my wide c

Jojo 2022-01-11 3081

Rhinoplaty review (Dr.Lee)

I used to have filler injection every year because i hated my hump nos

Chae 2022-01-05 1530

Facial contouring surgery and face lift

My mom had a prominent cheekbone and squared jawline with sever asymme

Yooni 2021-12-28 20209

Natural nose♥ (Dr.Ryu, Dong Wan)

It's 2 months post operation! It looks really natural already and so

WOOANG 2021-12-22 3873

Facial contouring surgery 5months review

I have been thought of having a facial contouring surgery for 10 years

Fishcake 2021-12-20 263

2months after facial contouring surgery!!

It's 2months after facial contouring surgery now. I had cheekbone red

Pineapple 2021-12-08 7120

Epicanthoplasty + double eyelid surgery revision changing out-line from in-line (Dr.Lee, JiWon)

I had double eyelid surgery non-incision method 5 years ago. I was

zzangu 2021-11-15 1835

Double eyelid revision + lateral canthoplasty

I have fat eyelid and no space between eyebrows and eyes. I didn't li

NEW 2021-11-10 1075
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